• "On-Call" Shifts Flow

    This is part 3 of the series and today we’ll go over setting up the Microsoft Flow to configure our “on-call” call routing. In the part 1 of the series, we’ve configured the Azure Automation runbook, and in the part 2 we’ve created the “On-Call” Shifts.

    Today we’ll be configuring a Flow that at the high level does the following:

    1. Finds the “On-Call” shifts for today
    2. Lookup User assigned to today’s “on-call” shift
    3. Launch the runbook to configure the operator for auto-attendant
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  • "On-Call" Shifts

    This is the second post of the series. In the first post, we covered the creation of the RunBook that will be updating our Auto Attendant. In this post, we’ll be creating a simple “On-Call” shift for demonstration purposes. Shifts in Microsoft Teams is a schedule management tool that helps you to create, update, and manage schedules for your team. For more information on Shifts, official documentation is always a good place to start.

    For our purposes, we’ll create a fictitious “Awesome Support” team with the “on-call” personnel.

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  • "On-Call" call routing

    Recently I was working with a customer on a Microsoft Phone System migration project, moving users from the existing phone system to “Microsoft 365 Phone System” and during the planning sessions, a use case popped up, which we’ve identified as an “On-Call Routing” use-case. In essence, the customer wanted some of the “on-call support” personnel to be reachable if there was a need for a critical issue to be resolved. Out of the box, such a feature is not available with Microsoft 365 Phone System and based on User Voice: Support on-call shifts some folks are also looking for similar functionality to be available natively in Microsoft Teams. And while my initial answer to this particular use case was a “not possible without a 3rd party software”, it got me thinking if there was any possible solution or a workaround to have a solution to the original request, and after a few errors and trials I came up with a solution, I thought was worth sharing, at least until Microsoft implements such a feature natively.

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